Resonance Instruments, Inc. Skokie, Ill 60077
My days with Clarence Arnow at Resonance Instruments, 1999 - 2012.
Resonance Instruments Inc, Skokie Illinois ( was founded ca 1997 by Clarence Arnow after the collapse of his Micro-Now Instrument Co.. From 1999 to 2012 I consulted with Clarence at his shop in Skokie on a number of joint venture projects. I retired in July 2012 to care for my ailing wife and because Clarence's deteriorating mental state made it increasingly difficult and stressful for me to work with him.

Clarence has since hired Dr. Frank Auteri, a former educator with considerable experience in Electron Paramagnetic Resonance and is looking to sell the business at a favorable price.

Regular Products:

A; 8400, CMS8400 and accessories.

Clarence imported and resold a table top EPR spectrometer, Models 8400 and CMS8400, from the Adani Corporation, ( a scientific instruments manufacturer in Minsk, Belarussia. While their older models have had a spotty quality history, Adanai's current product is of a fairly high quality. They also offer, for direct sale from Minsk, a continuous flow version of the 8400, model EPRA.

Warrantee service on this instrument was performed by Tom Marty, a retired ESR technician from Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois.

I designed and Clarence made and sold several accessories for this instrument. I wrote some applications and sales information sheets for it.

I designed the MV82VT, a cryogenic temperature controller, basing my work on an original design by Jim Anderson. Jim is a skilled technician with the University of Wisconsin.

I also wrote the up-dated instruction manual (link to instruction manual) for this product and fabricated a number of very precise fittings for this device in my shop in Chicago.

I also designed and made the goniometer for the spectrometers. A Goniometer is a device which permits precise rotation of a sample so that resonances can be examined at various angles to the samples.

The fittings for the goniometer (link to instruction manual) must be made with high precision to insure repeatability and accuracy from measurement to measurement.

B. Instruments for Microwave Chemistry.

III. One time projects (Insert links as available)

A. Digital Magnet Controller and Interface for Varian ESR
B. Model 815 Photo Sensitometer.
C. Various special ESR projects.

IV. Service and Repair Projects

V. Incomplete Projects - Now Microwave Magician..

During my brief involvement with US Telematics, Howard Leventhal introduced me to a type of very small PC computer, sometimes called a "Nano PC" . Nanos are a variation on the laptop, without the laptop, a PC board with a small SATA hard drive, video, audio, keyboard, and USB ports.

About the same time, an oil company asked us to repair a small ESR spectrometer made by Active Spectrum.

Active Spectrum's spectrometer used a Nano PC board running LabView to control the small ESR cell.

This is a most excellent idea.

Adani's spectrometers, the 8400 series, rely on a small and underpowered micro-controller to run the mechanics inside the instrument and a more powerful program, called the "dashboard", running on a PC, to manage the spectrometer's processes and report results to the user.

The system is proprietary and lacks much of the operating feedback and versatility that Varian, Joel, and Brucker users enjoy.

Moving more processing power into the instrument would overcome many of these difficulties.

More processing power permits a better organization of he circuits with better diagnostics and easier servicing.

For many applications the host PC running the "dashboard" can be eliminated and a display, printer, and keyboard connected directly to the instrument. Or the instrument can be operated remotely though the Ethernet.

One more feature is programmability, a way to include the instruments in an automated testing facility.

520/521 Upgrades.