Wayne Openlander, aka "The Microwave Magician" is a designer, inventor, and manufacturer of patented products for the medical, scientific, and two way radio service industries.
Mr. Openlander studied electrical engineering at DeVry University and the Illinois Institute of Technology, has bachelors and
masters degrees in entrepreneurial studies from DePaul University and has been a contributor to many business startups.
First licensed in 1956 he currently holds amateur extra class radio amateur license W9NZB. He also holds a general class radio-telephone license from the FCC.

He has acted in a number of roles: as executive, joint venture partner, consultant, key employee, and project manager. Ventures include Resonance Instruments,
U. S. Telematics, Ventronics, Antenex, Micro-Now Instruments, Electro-Physics Co, Interand (aka The Telestrator) and Railweight.
*** Current Projects ***
I've been experimenting with transmitting loops for the higher HF bands in search of more efficient designs
The Cypress EZ-USB micro-controller family looks like a good alternative to the older RS-232 interfaced chips.
I've been playing electric blues harmonica here in Chicago for several years. Amplifier tone and feedback are major performance issues.
Antenna and microwave engineering often involve the precise
machining of small parts.
I scratch built two clocks for practice.
*** Projects for Resonance Instruments 1999-2012***
The CMS8400 is a desktop ESR Spectrometer. Resonance Instruments imports this instrument, provides some upgrades, and offers a selection of accessories, including a cryogenic temperature controller and a goniometer. My role was to help with customer service and to engineer the accessories.
Shown here is the reaction cavity and IR thermometer for a Model 521 Instrument for Microwave Accelerated Chemistry. These instruments have had a wide application in the development of radioactive tracers for PET and are covered by my U. S. Patent 7,405,282.
*** Projects for U. S. Telematics 2007-2008 ***
U. S. Telematics, originally named Stealth Media Labs, was founded by Howard Leventhal with the initial goal of marketing rear seat television as an after market accessory to the American automobile market. This was a two step plan - a flat panel tracking antenna for DBS television that mounted on the outside of the vehicle and a compact PC and LCD display that mounted on the interior ceiling so that it could be viewed from the rear seat position.
*** Projects Prior to 1999 ***
I. Ventronics
II. Antenex
III. Direct Conversion Technique
IV. Micro-Now
V. Interand (aka the Telestrator)
VI. Electro-Physics
VII. Railweight (aka IRWC)

Coming Soon: Advanced Instruments for Microwave Enhanced Chemistry
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